Leadership Thought: Amoral Christianity

Where there is no longer anything to obey in Christianity: no rules, no obligations, and no commands then Christianity is no longer expressed in the lifestyle of a changed person but just an excuse and cover for self rule. Jesus taught us to live a life of obedience to His commands. He is our Lord.

Demons are easy

They must obey His Name. The problem with demonic cults is that you have doctrines of demon mixed with a deceived human that cannot be commanded – Only taught. Thus we must tear down the strongholds of their minds with the truth of God’s Word.

God has a plan for my life- satan only has a scheme.
Revival will produce very strong emotions in our soul – BUT emotions will never produce revival. Focus on Jesus!
Faith tempers possibility thinking with “will of the Father” thinking.

Mark 14:36

The response to a leader’s correction determines the future relationship that is possible (Paul and the church at Corinth).