We are not half-finished building. God continues to work in our lives until completion – to the very image of Christ. We are secure in Christ.

Philippians 1:6

We have been committed to a faithful God who will keep us from falling and always provide a way of escape in the time of temptation. We are secure in Christ.

Acts 20:32 Jude 24 I Corinthians 10:13

We have been committed to a faithful God who will protect us, keep us safe, and keep us strong to the very end. We are secure in Christ.

Acts 20:32, John 17:12, I Cor. 1:8

When I was a young Christian, I hated it when the preacher always focused on what we could not do (long list drops) and never talked about what we were to do. You cannot live a negative. I have always preferred to focus on the life we are to live. Let me illustrate. When I fell in love with Sis. Bev, I was not thinking all the time about, oh no, I cannot take this other girl out for dinner, I cannot hold that girl’s hand, etc… I just loved being with Bev. It is the same thing. I do not think about what I cannot do, I focus on enjoying Jesus everyday.
“I commit you to God.”What an amazing thought. He is faithful, keeps us safe, keeps us till the end, keeps us strong, keeps us from falling, and keeps working in our lives. I AM SAFE IN HIS HAND!!!
The blessedness/happiness is not in the receiving. It is in the giving!!!

Acts 20:35

A pastor’s role is to bring the people into prosperity. As we do this, we must never covet the wealth God has given the people.

Acts 20:33 2 Corinthians 6:10

When I was young, I believed the wisdom of the world that said “where there is smoke there is fire.” I have seen enough in the scripture and in life to now understand that it is not true. Sometimes, there is just somebody nearby blowing smoke. Jesus innocent. The religious leaders just knew how to blow smoke.
Leaders who have turned bad do not throw out truth. They distort truth to seem unique and attract attention.

Acts 20:30

Leaders go bad because they wander from truth, a pure heart, a good conscience, and a sincere faith. The problem is they still want leadership and keep talking.

I Timothy 1:5-6 2 Timothy 2:18 Acts 20:30