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Living a life that pleases God is not legalism nor it works program. It is understanding that we have a relationship with God. In every relationship with those we love, we desire to discover what pleases them.

The discerning of spirits allowed Peter to see through the facades of false generosity and excitement about ministry to see the truth in Ananias and Simon’s hearts.

False leaders within the church teach their false doctrines in secret in order to maintain the masquerade. Their “shameful ways” however, that reveal the wildness of wolves (not freedom) exposes them.

Revival is the greatest revolutionary force ever released into the church world. It causes the fall of many leaders as well as the rising up of nobodies into great positions of leadership. It never strikes people neutral. You are either part of it or speak against it. Luke 2:33-34

Have you ever noticed how some elements of the Christian world want to change the Christian culture to match their lifestyles. Jeremiah 17:1 NLT “People act as though their evil ways are laws to be obeyed.”

The light of His presence exposes all the secret sins in our lives. No condemnation – just light removing the darkness. Psalms 90:8

There is a new book bring written in heaven that contains your story and your words. Malachi 3:16

When God chooses a leader to replace disobedience and compromise, He chooses a heart that is “fully devoted.” I Kings 11:4 I Chronicles 10:13

God’s second requirement for those He chooses for leadership: they will do everything he wants them to do. Acts 13:22

The goal is the goal not the calendar. Let the timetable slip but stay focused on the goal.