The request for forgiveness does not absolve the responsibility to make things right.

The invitation to the presence is only given to the thirsty. Psalm 42:2, John 7:37. Read those two verses carefully and notice the “go” and “come.”

The soul cries out for the presence of God because that is the only place it finds restoration.  When our emotions, attitudes, desires, etc… are a mess, we need the presence. Psalm 23:3 Psalm 42:1-2

A life that is thirsty for God wants to encounter God: Not play church. Psalm 42:2

Our soul thirsts for the LIVING GOD – not a dead religion. Psalm 42:2

The great difference between King David and his son king Solomon is found in the foundational desire of their hearts. Solomon wanted wisdom to lead God’s people. David’s one desire was for the presence of God. Both men did a great job fulfilling their purposes but only one had a great relationship with God. Like Mary and Martha, there is good and there is great.

New Testament prophets do not tell us what to do. A new testament prophet simply declares God’s word and we make the decision of how to respond. Acts 11:28-29, 21:10-12

Paul entrusted himself to men who had, long ago allowed the Holy Spirit to remove prejudice and bigotry from their hearts. Philip and Mnason both opened their homes to both Jews and Gentiles to stay and to eat. Can you imagine the destruction to Paul’s team as they brought the great offering to Jerusalem if they encountered bigotry along the road? We must never allow people of bigotry to be around us and destroy the team that is joining us in our destiny.

Religion often forgets the central focus of equality that is a cornerstone of the gospel message (Galatians 3:26-28). We are all sons of God. There is no more gender, color or class. Have you ever noticed that religion may not like women preachers but God does. Look at all the prophetesses in the  Bible: Miriam, Deborah, Huldah, Anna, 4 daughters of Philip.

In a season of destiny, Paul entrusted himself to three men who had been faithful to God for a lifetime (Philip, Agabus, Mnason). He was not looking for new friends. He was not looking for the next generation. He was looking for faithfulness. Rehoboam should have practiced this and not destroyed his destiny and a nation.