Christian Living

Bro. John: “We are not talking enough to each other about the things God is doing in our lives. We need to start bragging about God.” Malachi 3:16

The light of His presence results in the “sorting” of God’s people.

A Christian who lives in reality loves what the light reveals about their life. John 3:21

Carnal Christians have no desire for the light of His presence. They fear the effect of the light. John 3:20    

In the light of His presence, there is only comfortable honesty. John 4:7-26

In the light of His presence, all religious pretense is exposed as unreality.

The freest, most liberated heart known to man is a heart compelled by the Spirit.

God’s provision is sometimes by supernaturally making things last. We do not always need new. We need things that function. Deuteronomy 29:5

Salvation is not the result of acceptance of persuasively presented doctrines. Faith must rest on a demonstration of the Spirit’s power. I Corinthians 2:4

God’s first great requirement He looks for in those who shepherd his sheep: they must be men and women after his heart. Jeremiah 3:15 Acts 13:22