Christian Living

Circumstances affect your timing: be flexible.

Decisions regarding methods and times must change as circumstances change. Focus on the goal but be adaptable on how to reach it.

Undisciplined children lead rebellions later in life. 1 Kings 1:6

Leaders need solitude to pray, listen, plan, and be with the Father. It is in solitude we receive the strength to face the future God has for us.

Never take advantage of a corrupt insider’s offer to reduce your debt. (Luke 16:5-7)

Decision principles from Paul’s 5-day journey to Miletus:

The goal is more important than the leader’s comfort or convenience. Decisions change as circumstances change. Be adaptable! Decisions and methodology are always affected by time constraints: Be flexible! Focus on the goal not the calendar!

All satan can do is develop his cheap imitations of God’s gifts of the Spirit. Why are God’s real gifts looked upon as the false and satan’s imitations as the real?

Sin takes the time and destroys the abilities you use to serve God. It is in direct competition with God in your life. It wants to rule. Jesus has set us free from the power of sin.

“If you do not conquer the sins of youth, then as you grow older, the sins of youth will conquer you.” -Lester Sumrall

Sin is never a controllable “part” of our life. It grows and grows within us until we are again enslaved.